Editorial Design

    Redesign of Lebanon’s only (and heavily relied upon) fortnightly cultural listings magazine.  

Agenda Culturel has been a staple of Lebanon’s cultural landscape since 1994, and remains the only paper magazine promoting and delivering information on cultural events in the country.

Agenda Culturel’s design has been largely untouched since its inception. In collaboration with a new Editor, our goal was to completely refresh the magazine’s look and feel to attract the next generation of readers, and reassert the magazine’s position as the only relevant authority for cultural life in the country.

Preserving its beloved square format and referencing a modernist ‘call to action’ design direction, we created a bold, striking new look. By pairing an energetic colour palette and typefaces from Grilli Type foundry with a rigorous new grid, our design packs information while retaining breathing space. The new system is easy to navigate and creates more room for editorial soundbites celebrating cultural life in the country.

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